Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching Up

I don't remember Jon David being up to this much mischief. He's never really been one to try and touch "bad" things like electrical outlets, etc. I'm still amazed that when he wakes up from naps and in the morning that he reaches for a few books, turns on his little Tyke Light and reads. He rarely even calls for me. That AMAZES me. He knows how to turn on the TV in the bonus room and I'm always surprised that he just stays in his bed.

I know it's bad parenting to compare children but how can you not? I'm not comparing with the intention of one child being my favorite, etc. That would be impossible. But, this journey of parenting is new for me and I can't help but compare experiences.

So, today Josiah was playing with the lazy-susan. He takes a bottle of vegetable oil and puts it in his chubby hands. I casually glance at him, thinking nothing of it. Then, something tells me to walk over and look at him. It takes me a few minutes to figure out why his PJs are wet in some places and what's in his hair. Then I realize, he opened the bottle of oil and it was soon all over the floor. Lovely!! Of course, these things only happen when Daddy is gone. Thankfully, it was also time for his AM nap and I quickly scooped him up to bed (being careful not to slip on the VERY slick floor). Sorry, no picture but I did include one from another messy episode.

Jon David kept me on my toes Thursday morning. We had one of our all-time worst public outings. I took both boys to get haircuts. Jon David started out being so sweet. He complimented the stylist on her use of the water bottle on his hair. "Oh, you are good with the water. That's nice. I like water!" He was so ready to be the good boy that we talked of him being. Well, she was new and slow. And, she jumped every time he moved (which was often). Things were not going well.

And about halfway through the cut, things start to QUICKLY unravel. Just imagine a child with a half-cut head of hair totally acting out. I was DETERMINED to not leave with him looking like that. And it was totally ridiculous. The end result: a so-so haircut and nicks upon his neck. It was a disaster. We've since talked about it a few times and I've told him, "Jon David, that cannot happen again." Ugh!

Alas, the boys remain super sweet. Bath time is great fun as my two monkeys splash together in the tub. We found out that Dora the Explorer bubbles are the best - lots of bubbly fun. Josiah adores his big brother. Jon David now calls his beloved cow his "baby" and even puts the cow down for a nap. (I'll have to blog about that someday). These are indeed the sweetest days.