Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coming Around Again

Denise is... starting her blog again.
Denise is... now the mommy of 3 kiddos.
Denise is... sorry she let this blog thing fade away.

Goodness - this getting out of the Facebook status updates of Denise is... will be harder than I thought!

Most of my readers know a lot about our life from the 1 - 2 sentences bytes provided courtesy of FB. And for a long time, I was fine with that. But I missed blogging. So - we're back. I am uncertain as to the frequency of posts but anything more than every 9 months is an improvement. Last time I blogged, Josiah was not yet 2 years old and potty training.

Oh - The blog has a new name - it just felt right to update it. We are now "Party of Five." As promised, kind words here for the helpful person who suggested the new name: Robin. My dear sister-in-law is lovely, charming, very smart, a great mommy, an adoring wife and all around great gal. I love her very much!

This is it for now but to tempt you to come back, here is what you'll soon see.

* One of my children has a "lucky charm" of sorts. It's responsible for all sorts of things.
* Another of my dear children has fully embraced his 2-ness and all that it entails.
* More and more pictures of sweet, sweet Rachel.
Until then...

Denise is... done blogging for the night.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'll be back REAL soon!!! Stay tuned...