Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Second Time Around - Potty Training!

I don't think there is a mommy in the great US of A who has much good to say about potty training. It's often maddening, frustrating, messy and time-consuming. Okay, maybe a few moms are just excellent with perfect children but many a mommy has found this milestone especially challenging.

Jon David went #2 in the potty around 21 or so months. We almost called the local paper to report it - we were THAT excited and THAT proud (okay, probably more so I was the one going nutso). I guess it should not have surprised me the next day when Jon David wanted nothing to do with that potty. Confused and disappointed, we decided not to push it and see when he would be ready to try again.

Fast forward about a year and my big boy was finally ready. In fact, as of this week, he has started to wear undies to bed and we are officially done with training pants in the night (or day, for that matter). VICTORY!

So, here along comes Josiah who finds the "pot pot" very interesting. In fact, one night last week when Daddy was watching them, he heard the dreaded words come from Jon David. "That's right, Siah - that's poo poo!" With lightening speed, Daddy ran and found Josiah getting a hands-on (literally) lesson in #2 from his big brother who had just finished his "business" on the pot.

Sensing that he was maybe ready and curious as to how it would go, I started to mentally prepare myself for round two of potty training. My smart mom found an article and sent it to me which basically states that the ideal window for training is 18 - 24 months of age. Turns out the author was a child development specialist whose stuff I have recently read and really like, John Rosemond.

So, today was THE day. Armed with new Elmo underwear and a good attitude, we started our day. The mantra from Mr. Rosemond kept running through my head: approach this like teaching Josiah how to use utensils. Over and over, I kept saying, "it's just like using a spoon!"

My goal for today: to get Josiah used to the sensation of being wet and for him to not like it. He had 3 "accidents" (and no actual "eliminations" in the potty) and each time he came to me soon after and let me know he needed help. Interesting, he started to look for the big pot pot and skipped the Elmo one. Hey - that's just fine with me since I can flush the regular toilet and not have to clean it like I would the Elmo one.

Towards the end of the night, the toilet was like a new toy for him. He kept wanting to get back on it. While I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, we succeeded in avoiding a power struggle and him telling me when he was wet/dirty. I think this is not bad for Day One.

Having him tell me that he has to go to the bathroom feels like a LONG ways away. But, today was manageable and I think we can continue with this. I figure that when we are home and he is not in bed, he can wear his Elmo undies. We'll see where this leads us.

Stay tuned...