Sunday, April 25, 2010



If you were in a 5-mile radius of our house yesterday and heard wailing and gnashing of teeth, it was just our boys getting haircuts on the back patio. For weeks, JD has wanted to give the boys a buzz cut - especially Josiah with all that thick hair. And Saturday was the day...

For you loyal readers, you may remember my attempt at playing hairdresser about a year and a half ago. I can't believe that all 3 of my fellas trusted me enough to give them hair cuts. Yeah, um - not so good. So, when my sweet husband offered to try, I was more than happy to hand over the clippers.

Bless their sweet hearts, they both really did want to like getting it done and I could see they were mentally gearing up for this. I think as Daddy's technique improves and he becomes much faster, it will go better. This picture of Jon David melts my heart because I know how hard he is trying to remain positive though not liking any of this. He's able to keep up this facade for about 3 minutes.

It took about 30 minutes and the added incentive (not really a bribe) of Goodberry's ice cream as a treat after dinner to pull this thing off. So, while Daddy is buzzing away, I could be seen with their hair flying all around me doing whatever I could to help the boys sit still so JD could finish. I remember reasoning with Jon, "You will have half of your hair cut and look really silly, Jon. Just be still and Daddy will be done in a minute." To keep them happy, I dug deep into my bag of tricks. For Josiah, he was happy with yet another rendition of "God is bigger than the boogie man" and Jon required the "twinkle twinkle" little ditty as well as a few songs from The Polar Express.

At the peak of agony, I regret to say that I was too busy consoling the boys to capture their angst. But here are a few shots before the wheels completely came off the bus.
When all was said and done, it was time for a quick wash down to get rid of the hair and lunch. They were tired and this was the best I could get for an after shot.


I give JD a lot of credit for pulling off this operation and for helping us be thrifty. He did a great job and it's harder than it looks to just shave off hair. This was definitely one of the times when Daddy is much better at something than Mommy. I was there with the assist and we got through it. We like the the way the boys look and they do too.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Night, Jon Boy

Do you ever wonder what bed times are like with other families? Is yours more like a scene from Super Nanny or, and I'm aging myself here, the Waltons? I'd say at our house, we are part Super Nanny and part, "Good night, John Boy" - more closely resembling the Waltons. This post is about the funny and sweet parts of our night. I'll tackle the aspects requiring performance management some other time. Now, for the fun...

If you had been in our home this week, here's what you would have seen.

Our snakes (aka Jon and Josiah) needed to shed their skins. What, you don't all do that?? Oh, you are missing out. What you need to do is lie down next to your stuffed animal snakes (you need to have at least 4 - one of baby brother and three for the big guy). This can take anywhere from 5 - 10 minutes.

Missing loveys. Jon's "Baby" is often MIA come bed time. And no telling where Si's "Blankie" is hiding. Give us about 10 minutes for a search and rescue mission.
Mix in a snake book and a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Prayers which tonight included Jon David saying, "Thank you, God, for my parents." So sweet! Tuck the boys in their beds and proceed to the nightly train story. All train stories must begin with "Once upon a time on the island of Sodor" - it's simply non-negotiatable. Daddy tells the first train story and Mommy finishes.

The next part is quite comical and something I might even consider filming for posterity sake. We sing the Veggie Tales' hit, "God is bigger than the Boogie Man." It's a good night time song as it reminds them that God is looking out for them. What makes it extra fun is that I find myself using moves from my Zumba class as I sing. It's a hoot and the boys giggle and sing along.

Lastly, Mommy sings another ditty from the Veggie Tales CD... "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star. What a gift from God you are!" I have to sing it to each boy separately and sing it softly in their ears. They just love this part. How sweet is that!?!

The End.

(Oh, I almost forgot... you must include at least 2 or 3 additional potty breaks and requests to be tucked in - again! Insert Super Nanny here.)

Monday, April 19, 2010

In need of a rescuer...

There a few products for which I think I should receive a commission based upon the number of sales I have personally generated. One of those is The Jesus Storybook Bible - Every Story Whispers His Name. To put it concisely - I. Love. This. Bible.

Prior to this Bible, our nightly reading of God's word was less than enthusiastically received by my sons. I believe the words, "No Jesus!" were said more than once - no lie. We read a review of The Jesus Storybook Bible on World Magazine and thought it looked interesting. Yes, the illustrations are lovely but it's more than that. I absolutely love how from the beginning of the book (Creation) to the end (Revelation), it so clearly shows how every story does indeed whisper His name. Every story tells of our rescuer, Jesus Christ, and God's word tells of His coming from the beginning of time. I absolutely love reading about God's "Never Stopping, Never Giving up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love. .."
When the storybook Bible tells of Jesus, it speaks of how Jesus is our rescuer. I just love that - our Savior, our Rescuer. And to be rescued is something that my kids can understand. In fact, I believe that God used this book to really do a work in Jon David's heart. For months, we've talked about God's l0ve for us, the pain that our sin creates and our need for a rescuer. Often, Jon David would say, "Nah, I don't need a rescuer. I'm good on my own." I thought to myself how often my actions mirror that statement. Still, we keep reading and talking of our Savior and our need for Him. And, we kept praying.

Just last week, Jon David told me that he wanted Jesus to be his rescuer. He wanted this because he has sinned, is what he told me. I lead him in a special prayer and just rejoiced over this! As John so rightly wrote, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4.

We've started talking with Jon David about baptism and he's not showing a whole lot of interest in it at this point. That's okay. We'll keep talking with him and praying that he'll want to take the next step in his faith walk.

Of course, God's Holy Bible is perfect and needed for every family. This storybook Bible is not meant to replace it rather as a supplement. I pray it will bless your family as it has mine!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The boys are back in town!

It's Opening Day once again! Had you been at the ball park tonight, you'd have found my Party of Five there. Wouldn't miss it!

Evening started with some excitement as my boys were selected as the season's first Ultimate Fans courtesy of Wild Wings Cafe. Each received a $10 gift certificate and had their picture taken. Apparently it was shown on the jumbotron in the 8th inning. We NEVER make it past a few innings with my crew... maybe one day. (Thanks, Fellas, for giving them to Mommy & Daddy to use on a date night!)
My guys were selected because they looked so stinkin' cute in their baseball splendor. Mommy had them in matching outfits (can't resist) and Daddy let them pick out new ball caps. They really looked great. Jon David asked, "Mommy, do I look like a REAL baseball player now??"

Super Fans!
Rachel was such a trooper. For a little girl with the world's earliest bed time, she did amazing. She slept a good part of it all snuggled in my baby carrier. Eventually, the loud cheers from the super fan behind us disturbed her slumber. Even still, she gave little more than a sad whimper and was over it.

Must. Have. Cotton. Candy.

No one lost a shoe (as happened last year) and Jon was not crabby (as in 2008 - actually that could be said for 2006 and 2007). It was really fantastic. Beautiful weather, best sport, my favorite people in the whole wide world... can't ask for much more. Okay, I take that back - I'd like to make it to the 4th inning next year with the fam!