Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond!!

It's completely irresistible. I'm weak to it, I really am. To see my children's faces filled with wonder and awe. It's a good thing that I am limited by the need to buy groceries for the family and have the lights turn on. I see so many things that I want to get my children.

Yes, I know that my best gifts to my children are not things at all. I get that - I really do. I also am very aware that our Heavenly father is the giver of ALL good gifts and His gifts do not break, get dusty or go out of style. No gift could ever be greater than the gift of eternal life and a hope and a future! Can I get an amen??

So, ALL that being said... am I the only one who gets REALLY excited about giving special toys to our little ones? Surely I am not based upon the toy rooms that we visit.

Today was one such day. And off we went to Toys R Expensive and found the mac daddy of toys. Yes, they both now have talking Buzz Lightyear toys. "To infinity and beyond" is about the only sound coming from their room this nap time. (Today was a special treat by bringing a toy - a talking one no less - to bed. I will likely regret this decision when dealing with overly tired boys this evening.)

I don't want my boys to be lovers of things. I want their joy to come from the only true source of peace and joy. I think we do a pretty good job of instilling that. And then there are days like today when a plastic toy makes two brothers VERY happy!