Monday, February 16, 2009

And Baby makes... Five!

Party of Five! That's us!! Praise the Lord, we are pregnant with our third child. Baby's due date is quite memorable - 9/9/09! Love it! Just being realistic, I'd be SHOCKED to actually make that date. But, with God, ALL things are possible. And we're super excited because we are not going to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. We'll just be surprised on birth day!

The good news is that I'm still feeling LOUSY. That means that the baby is thriving. The bad news is that I'm not sleeping well and feeling lousy. I was blessed to have a third glimpse at our baby this afternoon with an ultrasound. I had a freebie at the local pregnancy center who needed "models" for their techs and then my OB does one at each of my first two visits as standard care. The first time was around 6 weeks and, while wonderful, it was hard to really see much. The second time we saw a beautiful heartbeat. But TODAY, I saw little nubs for arms and legs, a body and a sweet little face - moving all around with a sweet little heart going beat-beat-beat. I could have watched Baby all day. >sigh<>

Si wearing Daddy's boots

Josiah - still a MESS! He's a talking machine! He's either asking about dogs ("Dog Dog???") or demanding a "Nack!" (translation: Snack!). I just could squeeze and kiss him all day. He plays with my hair and hugs me so tight. Such a little lover!
Jon David - such a big, big boy! He is a puzzle champion! I am impressed by his tender heart and desire to be a good boy. Smart as a whip, he is always counting, telling me what time it is or just singing silly songs. He is getting excited about having another baby around too!

Jon Jon getting in on the action.