Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Much Fun

With so much excitement in his little voice, Jon David bounced into our room at 7:11 am this morning and said, "Mommy, there is SNOW on the ground! Snow!!!" It was just so cute. What fun we had on this special day with probably about 5 inches of that fun, white powdery snow!

Little Josiah was about the cutest thing you ever saw with his little puppy hat. Oh, and he had to learn how to walk in the snow boots. He only wears Robeez (soft-soled shoes) so the chunky boots were quite tricky for our little guy. We stood him up with the boots and he immediately fell flat on his face. Poor guy! But, he's a determined a little fellow and after a good amount of falling, he was able to walk a good bit without toppling over.

In our early morning adventure, the little mittens he had on kept falling off. A friend gave me a tip to put socks on his hands and that was a great trick for our other outings today. But, with the layers of clothes, bulky boots and hands wrapped in a couple layers of socks, Josiah stood no chance (no pun intended) of getting up after falling down. And to make matters worse, he often fell face first in the snow. He even managed to get some scratches on that sweet little face. But, no worries - Josiah loved his time in the snow!

And, and big brother had a great time too! He especially enjoyed having snow ball fights and eating snow cream. It was quite sweet and sad when he got up from his nap with little tears as he told me, "Mommy, I'm so sad that the snow is melting..."

It was also neat to teach Jon David that God designs each snowflake to be different - not one is the same. If God takes so much time and care with His snowflakes, how much more does He care about us!