Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 411 on Josiah

I thought it fitting to reacquaint you to my children since it has been over a year since I've posted about them here. And why not start in the middle with Josiah.

Where to begin...

Jon was quoted saying this about his little brother in November 2008, "It's good to have a Siah around." That pretty much says it. If you want a buddy or a partner in crime, he's your guy. He has mastered the fine art of being a great pal. He has honed this skill with hours upon hours of playing with his best friend in the whole wide world, Jon.

Say you are sleepy and don't want to nap all by your lonesome. Yep, look no further than Siah Sam. I remember putting him in the bed with us around 5 am every morning after an early morning feed. He and JD would just cuddle so close and it was precious. Fast forward four years later and Josiah's preferred form of sleeping is next to a loved one. I get that. It does feel very nice and many an afternoon is spent with the two of us sharing a pillow.

The other night, Josiah was so sweet. We played a table talk game and the question was to share something that was beautiful to you. His answer, "The picture of Mommy in her wedding dress upstairs in your bedroom. And napping with you, Mom." A few hours later, he beat me to the punch when going to Rachel's room. She woke up with big tears around 1 am and while I dragged myself out of bed, he rushed to her side to offer her a baby doll. And if you are hurt, he is right next to you giving you a loving, gentle touch.

Another thing about Josiah, he is goofy. He loves a good time and loves to get you to laugh.

These are just a few of the many things that make me love this boy. I will add that like my other children, and probably most people, he is complex. That same boy with the tender touch is also the one upon whom I can place blame for breaking 99% of the things broken in the past 4 years. And when he is frustrated, he looks like he wants to punch someone badly. To sum it up, he is very physical.

He experiences his world by touching things (I should say - by touching EVERYTHING), standing on them and possibly breaking it too. And all this touching stuff leads to a certain pace of things that does not always bring out my best side. The words, "Come on, Siah!" are uttered very often around here.

I will skip the stories dealing with #2 (and you know what kind of #2 I'm talking about) and the crazy things that have happened with that part of living with him. I will just say that there are times when I stumble upon things and I just have to ask myself outloud, "Who does this kind of stuff?!?"

So, as you can see, it is very good to have a Siah around. Life would be pretty boring and less lovely without that sweet boy in our family. We love you!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shall we try this again?

Oh dear - Dec 4, 2010... date of last post. What in the world happened?? Where did my blogging go?

Well, if I am choosing to not feel like a failure at this, then I just cut myself some slack. I mean, 3 kids (until November - it was 3 under the age of 5). So, for 2012... I shall TRY. :)

Happy New Year!!!