Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Amen to that!

I still need to explain these photos though it is technically "Wordless Wednesday."

Doing work for Awanas.

Drawing a picture of "something you talk about with God."

In case you cannot quite read it all, Jon on his own decided to write, "Dear God, help me to not sin." Amen to that!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I think I'll say yes...

Ah, the moment I've waited for arrived. I should not have been surprised to hear the good news. In fact, I'm now 3-3. Every man in this house... wants to marry me! Oh, my stars - I am a happy woman!

It was Josiah's turn to pledge his forever love to me and it went something like this. "Mom, I love you." My response, "Oh, I do love you too, my boy." And then he said it, "I want to marry you because you're beautiful and I love you." >sigh< Really, does it get better than this??!!??

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Because I have boys...

Guess what room in our house needs this??

Saturday, January 15, 2011


At first I didn't believe it. And then I checked. It's true. I'm amazed, baffled even. How is it that I have so few posts about my sweet Rachel. Seriously, how can this be???

I have no explanation other than I feel as if I take so many pictures of her and am so often telling what a joy she is. She literally lights up a room. It's an incredible thing to see. I love to watch how others respond to her. She's infectious. You simply CANNOT ignore her. She won't let you. She'll coo at you. Next, she'll do her trademark head tilt with a giggle. Her bag of tricks to woo anyone is stocked full and I don't suggest you try to resist her.

See what I mean???

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Weather Request

What's fuzzy blue on one side/silky white on the other and has your brother's name on it? If you said Siah's blankie, you are correct!

I don't exactly when he confiscated Jon's not-very-used blanket but it's been at least a year. I'm sure he did it in that special stealth Siah way, trying to move without being detected. No, he does not really realize that the letters on the one side spell his brother's name. And thankfully Jon has not paid much attention to that either.

The blankie needs to be held in a certain way. And this never varies. Blankie to the nose and held in your left hand. In your right, twirl the top of your head. Do this often.

We have a pretty strict no-travel policy for loveys. I can't bear the thought of losing these precious items and goodness knows I can barely keep up with my kids. Please do not add dearly beloved loveys.

Loveys are allowed to travel on long trips.

So, tomorrow is THE day. Josiah's first show & tell day. Each child gets a show & tell day about every six weeks so it's super special when it comes around. And for my little boy, goodness he's excited. So, dear snow storm, please hold off until 12:15 pm so my little guy can have his big day!!

Brothers with their respective loveys - Baby and Blankie.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How could I forget!?!

I had a nice sweater and jeans selected for Josiah's big day. Oh no, he quickly told me that he wanted to wear his baseball shirt!

Why, you may wonder, the baseball shirt.

Exhibit A

Josiah starts with an S

Sweet Siah goes to preschool! He woke up very excited and ready to go. I overheard Jon and Si on the monitor. When Si told Jon all the toys he wanted to bring to school today, in Jon's best big brotherly voice informed his little brother, "Siah, you cannot bring toys to preschool. It is against the law."

So, off we went and took lots of pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

Sister wants in on the action too. "Hey, look at me too!"

My favorite memory of the day is when Josiah's teacher asked him to find his name and put away his backpack. He promptly walked over to one of the kid's names that starts with an S. His new teacher sweetly told him that his name starts with a J. When Josiah firmly insisted that it started with an S, I knew that I needed to explain.

Having two boys with J names and many identical toys, we have to label things. So, we put a J on Jon's stuff and an S on Si's. So, poor guy, his first somewhat formal educational experience starts with a slight stumble all because of his parents! I tease - he did great, he had fun and told me that G sounds like "juh." Atta boy, Siah!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Day of Preschool Eve - Take 2

(This picture GETS me. I mean, look at this. Little brother SO desperately wanting whatever big bro has.)

So, my "month of memories" did not quite pan out. And I'm pretty okay with that. Having three kids ages 5 - 1 requires that I hold loosely to my ambitious plans. Alas, we move on. No time to dwell on it though I may try to catch up. There were some precious moments.

But, dear readers, I would like to take us back five months ago - to September 8th to be exact. This was a big day for our family as Jon David started preschool. That was the day it started... "it" being Josiah's strong desire to also go to preschool. Josiah just had to wear his backpack when we took Jon to school for the first day. It was funny. I saw the teachers for the three-year-old class look kind of panicked when they saw Josiah head down the hall behind Jon. I imagine they were thinking, "Who is this new kid? I didn't get any of his info. What do we do??"

Here is how it sounded a month ago in our house. "I go to school today too, Mom, with Jawn." I sweetly replied, "Oh, Buddy. You get to go with Mommy and Ray Ray to the Y. You go to school when you are four just like Jon did." His emphatic response, "THIS day! I go THIS day, Mom."

So, dear husband and I exchanged looks and we knew what needed to happen. Yep, Josiah needed to go to preschool too.

And now we are awaiting his big day which is tomorrow. Unlike Jon, Josiah is not sulking around and wishing that it were "100 days ago."

But, he will go tomorrow. And I think he will look like a brunette version of this. And we will capture it all with lots of pictures, of course. And to you, sweet Siah, go get 'em!!