Wednesday, October 31, 2007


"Ga Ga" - aka Curious George
This looks scares me! I've been seeing it a lot lately!!

Jon David had a high time tonight. After an afternoon of refusing to try on his costume, he finally agreed to put it on. We headed out in the neighborhood and he found that to be pretty fun. But, the real party started when the kids came to our house for trick or treating. Jon David thought the kids were coming over to see him. He'd happily greeted everyone with a VERY enthusiastic, "Hi!!!!!" When it came time to give the candy, he'd dig his hands in the bowl and grab two big handfuls of candy and not hand over a single piece of candy. He was not really prepared to part with the candy. It really was quite cute to see him over-the-top excited!

Thursday morning update: it's 9 am and he's still asleep! Can we make it Halloween every night???

And for my little fella, he had not one but two costumes. He spent some time as a sweet pea (very fitting) and as Tigger.


Me and my sweet pea!

This is what happens when you have a picture taken with baby brother. See, Jon David is driving the school buses on my back.

Josiah finds it very tiring to be so cute!

Too pooped to party.

At the farm

Well, after 11 days of Jon David being sick, we finally got out of the house yesterday. The poor guy had a double ear infection and croup! He did not get any better until the 11th day. I even looked online for info on that horrible staph infection out there. :(

We went with our MOPS group to a farm where Tyler and Jon rode a tractor and picked pumpkins. It was fun (though truly exhausting for me and Kim, Tyler's mommy). They are just a little too young for some of the stuff there and we end up watching them and telling them no more than we want to. Sigh! Oh well, it was fun and I managed to get a few shots of the good time.

On the tractor. Baby O'Si (as Jon David calls him) is crashed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Though it's only been 2 years since Jon David was an infant, it's interesting how I am doing things differently. Yes, I know that they are very different babies but I find that I'm also different this time around. One thing that I'm doing this time is babywearing and I LOVE IT!

I knew that I'd need some sort of carrier for Josiah. There is just no way that I can keep up with Jon David and hold Josiah. So, I read on another blog about Ergo baby carriers. I used a Baby Bjorn a few times with Jon David but found it really tricky to assemble. Seriously, I failed that intelligence test.

I knew that I'd like having my baby close to me but I did not realize how much I would love it. It's very convenient, super easy to get on and almost fool-proof for calming my boy. He almost always sleeps very well when I have him "on" and it's just so sweet. I find that I wear him at least a few times a day and especially when I'm at church or MOPS. For the few nights when he has been really hard to settle, I just put him in the carrier and it's like magic.

So, here is my strong recommendation for babywearing and a big plug for Ergo baby carriers! Thanks, Mom, for buying it for me!

Look how sweet and comfy he looks!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Me and my baby boy

What a pretty, lazy, fall Sunday! I love the fall - the crisp air, pretty trees, college football (well, if my team - FSU- would ever be good again). Today has been very relaxing and here is a picture with my baby boy. He now coos and smiles which melts my heart. I'm not sure that he is feeling 100% since he was up every hour last night crying hard. He generally does not cry just for the sake of crying. But, he seems better today though not quite his usual self. His eyes are glassy and tearing (as you can see in the picture)- any thoughts about what this might be?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

One "Track" Mind

This goes out to Jon David's best bud, Tyler, who apparently watches "Don Don" every time his mom goes to the computer. Kim requested a new video since she's watched the freight cars one too many times to count!

You can see in this video how quickly our conversations turn to... trains. But, what is super cool is that we are able to have conversations - well, that is when he can think past trains. In fact, he even takes song requests as you can hear the start of "Twinkle Twinkle." He goes right to the good part with "up above... high."

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Josiah is Two Months!

Wow - it seems like yesterday that I was an incredibly uncomfortable (and crabby) pregnant woman! Now, I have a sweet baby boy who is two months today! He had his check-up this morning and all is well. He's growing like a weed... Vital stats: Height - 23 1/4" (75%), Weight - 12 lbs 13 1/2 ounces (75%) and Head - 15 1/4" (25%). He's sleeping reasonably well and goes 7 or so hours at a stretch without nursing though I sort of wish it happened later (7 pm - 2am) but I won't complain.

Oh, and big brother is having a rough week. I've heard "Mommmmmmy - UP!!!!!" more times than I can count. I believe it is good ol' jealousy and the start of a virus (bad cough, runny nose and slight fever). Here are pictures of him this morning watching... you guessed it, Thomas! (Sorry for the red eye. Maybe one day I'll take that great camera class everyone raves about!)

It's my birthday on Monday and I've got a a night of scrapbooking tomorrow and a hot dinner date on Saturday. I hope that Jon David is well enough that MiMi (my mom) can babysit on Saturday!! She tends to catch a cold easily and we don't want her sick too.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Losing Battle

I have a confession to make - I am not a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and his posse. Am I a bad mommy??? I know, I know - kids go nutso for Mr. T and his transportation pals. In fact, some of my favorite kids are HUGE fans. I am not opposed to all things Thomas but I was hoping to keep the intensity of devotion to the blue guy and all his pals to something manageable. I think I am fighting a losing battle.

This video is proof. Jon David is one of "those kids." I think he is saying, "freight cars" in the video but I am not sure. He loves Thomas and I need to just deal with it. I think my big beef is the one guy who narrates the videos and the way the books are written. Example:

"I am fast and you are slow," said Percy.
"Hmmmpf," puffed Thomas.
"Catch me if you can," said Percy.
"I will catch you! I will!" said Thomas.

And so it goes. Maybe if there were different people who played the part of the characters it would be better. A little variety would be good and less identifying each "guy" every time they talk.

I am thankful that Jon David still loves "Ga Ga" (aka Curious George) and seems to have a thing for most things transportation related (school buses, tractors, etc.). I will still try to diversify but maybe I need to accept this new thing.

Any other bad mommies out there who don't like something their kiddos love? Do tell!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

An end to his reign...

Heavy sigh! Soon, there will be another babyGap baby. I know, I'm sad too! Well, to us, Jon David will ALWAYS be our babyGap baby no matter who the new guy is! Seriously though, the babyGap Casting Call kicked off today so get your cameras out and enter your babies! You can see our boy and the very lovely Sarah if you click on "Want to see last year's winners?" What a wild year it has been - here are a few pictures of Jon David's year as the babyGap kid!

The photo we entered...