Friday, August 20, 2010

Siah Sam - Happy Birthday!

Siah Sam... oh my sweet boy, you are three! I want to pay tribute to you and these exciting three years of your life. In trying to come up with words to adequately describe you, I fall short. You are completely unique. I think of expressions like, "Si is just a mess!" and I mean that in the sweet way that we in the South use it, a term of endearment. You are intense, physical, determined and funny. You absolutely adore your big brother and try your hardest to do everything that he does (the good AND the bad!). And Ray Ray has stolen your heart and you find her completely irresistible. It's almost like you find it physically uncomfortable to not have your hands on her. Lucky for you, she goes along with it most of the time. You both fascinate and scare her.

You are part baby and part big boy. You remind me of Linus the way you hold your blankee in a certain way to your nose with one hand while the other hand moves about in your hair. You like to cuddle and even like to be like "like a baby, Mama!" Those times are not that common and I'm happy to hold you. You will always be my baby boy.

Yet I see you growing up and becoming a "real" boy. You want action. You want adventure. You want YOUR way. Ah, to be a boy!

I sometimes laugh and say that God must have thought things pretty boring around here and He, in His perfect wisdom, gave us a Siah. We adore you, Birthday Boy!