Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alert - Kindness Missing!!

I didn't know that it could happen. I've never read about it in the papers and am not sure that there has ever been a documented case of this strange occurrence. This afternoon, my dear son reported to me that his "kindness had disappeared." Imagine my alarm to hear this statement. Well, based upon his behavior, I knew that some sort of abduction had taken place.

Here's a little background... I am reading a very good book on parenting by Kevin Leman. I'm really enjoying it and feel encouraged by some of the good things we are doing. I also feel the need to change or keep an eye out for some things that I don't really want to impart upon my son. So, some things we are doing are right on and others are things that I could see being potential problems in the future. Leman talks a lot about making the kind of home where your kids want to be there and making sure that our role of parents is not pushed aside due to overly busy schedules and overly ambitious plans.

Leman advises to praise your children for who they are and not always on their abilities and appearance. So, I heaped praise upon Jon David for not only climbing so well at the Chick-fil-A kid area but mostly for not giving up when it was hard to do at first. Last night, I started talking to him about how I like that he is so smart but that I really love how kind he is. I could see his little face light up as I told him of all the times recently that I'd seen him being kind. I'm learning that one of his love languages seems to be words of affirmation.

So, here we are today with a whiny boy whose ears must not have been working based upon the lack of good listening he exhibited. He cried, he sassed and at times was lacking any kindness.

I do hope that his kindness reappears tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thomas the Tank Engine and a Puppy

My sons have great passions in life. For Jon David, it's Thomas the Tank Engine, of course. I cannot even begin to count the number of wooden engines, coal tenders and tracks that are on the floor in the family room right at this moment.

Little brother is also showing signs of what really moves him. For him, he cannot resist playing with a ball and he finds dogs VERY exciting! He gets so happy just seeing a dog walk by our house and is learning to say, "woof woof." Oh, it's really so very cute!

So, finding their costumes was rather easy. Jon David's even contained a litle section to hold candy - how cool is that? We had a great time and gathered quite a bit of candy. Josiah tried his first candy bar (Twix) and was a big fan!!

Next year, I hope to find some cute costumes that they can wear together, like Woody and Buzz from Toy Story. Can't wait!

With Miss 'Cole!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Warning - I'm 3!!

His shirt says, "WARNING, I'm 3!"

My big boy is 3 years old. What a glorious time it has been with our beloved son. I thank the good Lord every day for my sweet, sweet son.

Jon David had a LARGE time at his Pump it Up party. It was wild but in a good way. He had the best time and especially enjoyed his Maggio Moo's Thomas the Tank Engine cake.
Josiah was not really feeling the whole birthday party thing. He was a bit crabby.

This cool present from Cousin Kenzie reads, "Happy 3rd Birthday, Jon Jon." Of course, it's Thomas the Take Engine.

As if one party were not enough, his sweet Sunday School teachers threw him a dream party - a donut birthday party! Mr. Doug and Miss Lynn have been so kind to Jon David (or, as they call him, "JD"). They have been instrumental in getting Jon David to stop screaming for the entire time he spent at church. And, they knew how much our boy loves him some donuts. They even got the GOOD stuff, Krispy Kreme and brought the kids hats. What a sweet send-off for our big boy!