Sunday, April 27, 2008

Josiah - 8 months

Baby Si is 8 months old! He's a very inquisitive charmer. He's into EVERYTHING as he's been crawling now for a few weeks. He's fascinated with my bakers rack in the kitchen which means I need to continue redecorating (moving everything up around 18 inches). What's really neat is to see how many people love him. When I'm with my MOPS friends or other people in our small group with church, it's wonderful to see how much they love him. They hug and kiss on him and you'd think they didn't all have babies of their own at home. He brings a huge smile to everyone he meets and I really think that will be a part of who he is later in life.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Clean Boy

Taking Jon David's picture these days has been, umm, challenging. This is usually what I get. (see below)But a few nights ago, he obliged me and I got these sweet photos of my fresh-from-the-tub big boy. He is, thankfully, breathing much easier these days and his cough is almost gone. Thank you, Lord! His new thing is to answer your questions with, "I sure am (tired, hungry, etc.), Mommy!" So cute!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nummy Banana!

The latest in self-feeding tools for babies - a super cool mesh feeder. I put a banana in it and baby Si goes to town munching on it. It buys me some time to do a little in the kitchen and helps him develop some feeding skills. A win-win!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

And He's Off!

Ladies and gentlemen, Josiah is officially crawling! I pat myself on the back for my once again accurate prediction on April 9th that my boy would be crawling within 2 weeks. I knew that Mr. Chunky Thighs would be off and running soon. Funny thing I learned today - my other son knows how to crawl too! Imagine that!!! Here's proof (of both my crawlers!).

Synopsis of video: Si crawls, Jon crawls (bonus!). Si whines, Jon babytalks/whines with Si and Si smiles. Oh, and I seem to think today is my anniversary (August 16th). Guess I need a little more sleep!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tractor Fun

Today was the annual Farm Animal Day. We had an okay time - just o-kay. Jon David has not been feeling 100% with some kind of bronchial/asthmatic "thing" going on. So, he's not technically sick but he sounds as if he's been puffing away on a few packs a day. We've up'd his daily nebulizer treatments and added some allergy medicine in the hopes that he can breathe easier. Pray for my little guy, please.

About Si, still adorable and sweet as they come.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Batting 1,000

The tradition continues! If it's Opening Day in baseball, you will find me and my fellas there. Okay, so we only saw 1/2 of an inning. That don't matter! We were still there and we can say that we've not missed an Opening Day since Jon Jon was born. If you're counting, we're 3/3 - or to use baseball terminology, we're batting 1,000.

Though we were out way, way past Josiah's bed time, he had a great time and could have lasted a while longer. Big brother started to fade and we made our goal of 1/2 inning. What a happy family night!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Within Two Weeks

First, I'm making a prediction that Baby Si will be crawling within 2 weeks. He's getting good at being on all fours and does a little backwards scootching.

Second, we used a Target gift card received as a Christmas present and bought Baby Si a new toy. It's positively adorable and loads of silly goodness. It's Playskool's Busy Ball Popper. Check out the fun we had today!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Sweet Family

Isn't that the way it goes. We bloggers who take pictures all the time, capture every cute minute yet there are VERY few pictures of us.
And, I think there is maybe one other photo of the four of us in existence and it was taken at Christmas. So what if Jon David was not feeling well and is making a sad face in this picture. So what if I'm still sporting some residual baby weight. All that matters is that this is a rare picture of the four of us and three of my absolute, most favorite people in the whole wide world are in it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Master of Disaster

Rolls. This refers both to the rolls he does across the floor and to those chunky thighs on my boy.
Getting ready to roll in his bed room.
And he's off!
Almost done.
"Whew! Look at me, Mommy!"

For as sweet as Josiah is, he can make a pretty good mess. One, though improving, he's a spitter. Two, he likes to roll across the floor and take and eat anything in his path. Three, he's a messy eater (like all babies). So, in this hand-me-down from Tyler, Si shows his ability to make a mess. Messy or not - he's just so sweet!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

First sounds

Thank you for continuing to visit our blog! I know it's a drag to sign-in but I feel safer knowing who is checking us out!

Josiah coos and says, "daddaa daadaa" though I don't think that is officially a first word. I think this is more his first sound. He's been "saying" it for a while and now I have it captured.

I also think that I've ditched the big high chair in favor of one that fits on a regular chair. It has a fun rain forest attachment for him to play with. I think I just like having one less large plastic item in my house! There is certainly no shortage of it represented in every room. :)

This is Si right about to fall asleep. He has no need for a paci when he's got his trusty right arm. He "sucks" his forearm. He does not actually suck the arm but he does the motion so you hear his little tongue clicking away. I'll have to get this on video too so that I will alway be able to remember that sweet sound.