Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Look out, American Idol!

There are some gifts and talents the good Lord has given to me. I'm not particularly awesome at any of them but my efforts seem to pay off and sometimes people say nice things to me about it. For example, I love to take pictures and sometimes people like what I capture. And I'm a decent scrapbooker (thanks for my scrapbooking best friend, Kim). So, I have some skillz but not that many nor that amazing.

Certainly, no one has ever said that I could sing. Okay, I lied. My mom likes for me to sing "You Were Meant for Me" by Jewel and "Part of That World" from Little Mermaid. Other than my dear mum, my singing is not particularly enjoyable to anyone but me. I'm okay with that.

There is a particular demographic that I am finding actually likes my singing. My kids cannot go to sleep without a few lullabies. I happily oblige. It's very sweet and just like I had hoped it would be when I was dreaming of being a mom.

I thought only my kids liked my singing. But, today I found 17 other kids who enjoyed it. In fact, they asked for me to sing again! For real.

The scene - I'm the special guest reader in Jon's class and we read to the kids for 30 minutes. That's a lot of reading. We read from The Jesus Storybook Bible (prodigal son story), a Valentine's book about love and Jon picked "The Prince of Egypt" from the class library. I'm reading along and get to part where Moses's mom sings a final lullaby to him. To myself I think, "Seriously? I have to sing?!? No one told me that it was guest reader/singer!"

I give it a go and it's not good. But when I see the kids, they have the sweetest smiles on their faces. It's like I'm tucking them in or something. We get to a stopping point and I'm asked by numerous kids to sing it again. And I did. Oh my stars.

So, this is reason #584,212 that I love kids.

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