Monday, April 2, 2012

Hot Mess

Once again, I find myself missing the blessings of a blog. I don't really think all that many people read it and that's cool with me. It's just so neat to look back at our times together as a family and smile. I often say about taking pictures - most people don't like to have their picture taken and/or don't want to stop what they are doing for someone to snap a photo. I get that. BUT it's later when such snapshots of time become precious. In August, we had a family memorial to celebrate my grandma's life and to be together as we mourned. Having family photos over the years was SUCH a blessing and a treasure for us to see. And goodness knows, this momma be takin' some pictures!

All this to say that I want to capture some of the fun and sass of Miss Thang. She was named Ms. Thang by her Aunt Dees even before Rachel was born. Little did we know how well that name would fit her. She is sweet, loving, tender and kind - AND a hot mess!

Below are some funny Ray Ray-isms that are too cute for me to forget.

1) On the subject of bathrooming, she has decided, "Pee pee is good. Poo poos not good." Not sure why but maybe because when she was potty training and would poop in her undies, well, I was not too pleased.

2) She speaks of tomorrow by calling it, "Ta-later" and if it's raining, don't forget your "rain-brella."

3) She likes her make-up and is often looking for her lipstick. Hmmm - must get this from her Aunt Lorri!

4) When in trouble, she sweetly coos, "Oh, Mommy! You're my best friend!"

5) When angry, she says, "I not happy to you!"

6) She has decided it's fun to be a baby and sometimes I do like to play along. Right now, I am often referred to as Momma Bear and she is, naturally, Baby Bear. At times, she will make a weird kind of coo/whine which is her baby talk. It's cute.

7) We think of her like Goldilocks because she likes everyone else's bed. You can often find Rachel reading in any available bed. And she acts like she owns the place and that she is in HER bed.

I could go on and on. I do love my girl so so much.

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