Saturday, April 14, 2012

Titanic Party!

April 14, 2012 - 100 years after the famous "unsinkable" Titanic sinks. It's a tragedy that resonates today and is fascinating to so many. And to my six-year-old son, this piece of history is near and dear to his heart.

I don't recall being all that interested in the Titanic. But my son's enthusiasm for this failed ship is contagious. I'm drawn to the stories of the passengers and one cannot help but wonder how they would respond in a time like that. So far, my favorite hero of the Titanic is John Harper, a 39-year-old widower on the ship with his young daughter. After securing her to a life boat, Harper spent his last hours sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. I've added a book about him to my reading list, The Titanic's Last Hero: Story About John Harper.

So, this occasion needed to be commemorated with my family and a party was had tonight. And have a party we did! Check it out!

Family came prepared to the party - life jackets AND the iceberg.

Cake by my friend, Rachel - she is amazing!

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