Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Better than a best friend - a lot

Being a mom of two boys is really special.  I love them.  I love how they look at me and how much they really love me.  They were how the Lord chose them to first teach me about becoming a mommy.  Yet, I had a deep longing to also have a little girl.  Maybe it's because I love my own mom so much and remember sweet times with her as a child.  Whatever the reason, this mom wanted her a girl.  And praise the Lord, a little girl I have.

She's only two yet I swear she's going on 16.  Like the times she dramatically announces that a certain pink shirt is, "boooooooooooooooring!"  Or when she's in trouble and she sweetly tells me, "You so pretty, Mommy."  I am over the moon about this hot mess of a girl.  Seriously.

One of her favorite things to tell me is that I am her best friend.  I love how she lets me know that she loves me.  I also want to set the stage for years to come.  I actually do not want to be her best friend.  Best friends don't usually shepherd and guide girls into becoming honorable, godly women.  Best friends are fun and they aren't much interested in developing character.  See, that's the job for me, my husband and a good number of wonderful people in her life.  I don't want to trade in my mom card when she enters her tweens so that we can be best friends.  She'll have plenty of best friends.  But I'm her only mom.

Listen to our little exchange and her sweetly repeat, "Better than a best friend - a lot."

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