Thursday, November 8, 2012

School Bus Fun

I really enjoyed being a room mom last year for Jon's kindergarten class.  I liked it so much that I'm once again room mom for his class.  And also I share duties with another mom for Josiah's TK class.  It's not all that much work - send some emails, coordinate class parties (but not necessarily plan them all) and other duties.  I love getting to know their friends and serving the teachers.

A few weeks ago, I felt like Super Room Mom.  On Thursday, I was a parent chaperone with Josiah's class to see Skippyjon Jones (a story about a cat with big ears who thinks he is a chihuahua0.  It's a fun read with lots of "Spanglish" interspersed.  Josiah was as excited (maybe more?) to ride on a REAL school bus to the theater.
And just so I got my fill of riding on school buses with lots of children, the next day you could find me in yet another bus with about 30 first graders.  This time I was heading to Jon's teacher's working farm for a field trip.  It's sweet that my boy is proud of his mom and enjoys having me around.  I find that kids really like when adults want to get to know them.  So, I have some sweet "friendships" with a few of his classmates.  The girls are especially huggy and sweet.

A friend of mine took this picture of me as we were departing the farm heading back to school.  A picture says 1,000 words.  "Help!  I've been on school buses with kids two days in a row!  Save me!  Save me!"

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